Some Useful Tips to Save Money

Saving for your deposit

Aim as a target to save 10% of the price of the property you would like to purchase.

An internet savings account can often have a better rate of interest and bonus interest for funds that are not withdrawn.

Pink Finance can determine how much your monthly repayments will be on your mortgage. If your rent is less than this, save the balance and you will not only test yourself to see if the monthly repayment is comfortable for you – it will help increase your savings.

Get your employer to direct a portion of your salary into a separate savings account each month. This way you won’t even notice the money you have saved.

Try and reduce your personal debt as much as possible as these repayments will then be able to contribute to your savings.

Be realistic. Set yourself an attainable goal and time frame to save for your deposit.

Tips for your home loan

Always borrow within your means. Don’t simply take what the maximum capacity may be.

Try to throw any spare dollars into your loan. You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make as well as handy for that rainy day.

Ensure all commitments to debt are met before you go spending elsewhere. There are some things you can do without.

Consider the option of fixing all or a portion of your loan. It could help you organise to budget easier.

Always have your loan reviewed. There may be a better option to consider to help you pay it off quicker.

Think ahead to your renovation or your holiday so that you make appropriate allowances to have them become a reality.

Budget for ongoing expenses by accelerating your repayments and redraw when these bills are due. This may be better than opening up a savings account but you must be disciplined to use this strategy.

Credit Cards

Always pay on time if you can to avoid unnecessary fees.

Always pay more than the minimum amount requested. This will reduce the amount of interest you are charged each month. Better still; pay the full amount due to avoid all interest.

Don’t go over the limit on your credit card. You will more than likely be charged additional fees.

Avoid cash advances. There are almost certainly additional fees and a higher calculated rate of interest.

If using a credit card overseas, use your card scheme to convert the local currency to Australian dollars. The rate will usually be better than that offered at the point of sale.

Check your statements each month and report any unauthorised or unknown transactions immediately.

Choose a debt card instead of a credit card. This way funds will be debited directly from your available cash in your bank account and avoid any interest altogether.

If you are having trouble managing your debts, contact Pink Finance to work out a way to help you.

If you are unsure about any fees and charges call your branch to clarify what these are.

Do not have a credit card if you don’t have the available funds to pay your debt each month.


  • As a first home buyer, Nicole & her team took the stress out of what can be an overwhelming experience. She was incredibly thorough, knowledgable & efficient. I would recommend her to anyone seeking financial services!

  • Thank you so much to Nicole and the team for my recent loan refinance. The professionalism, communication and efficiency from start to finish throughout the process was exceptional. The customers’ needs are always their top priority and it’s great to have extra money in your pocket each month! I have no hesitation in recommending Pink Finance amazing services and know many others that say the same.

  • So grateful for Nicole and her team. They were so amazing from the start to end. We were able to change our loan and start achieving our goals thanks to the exceptional service from Pink Finance. Always so accommodating. Best broker we have ever dealt with. Thank you.

  • It was our pleasure dealing with Nicole Cannon when we decided to refinance our home loan. Her professionalism and knowledge made the process a lot easier. Her dedication and prompt service really separates her from the rest.

    We would not hesitate to recommend Pink Finance to anyone looking for a professional tailored service.

    We will definitely utilise the service of Pink Finance for our next investment.

  • You provide emotional as well as transactional support which is appreciated given the stress typically associated with property purchasing!

  • Nicole and her team were absolutely wonderful to partner with for our home refinancing and purchase of investment properties. We are delighted with the outcome, but in fact also enjoyed the whole process thanks to the team at Pink Finance. Will be recommending them to all our friends and family.

  • Fantastic service and knowledge. Excellent.

  • Nicole is a consummate professional in every way. She responded to our urgent query with great speed and if it wasn’t for her assistance we would never have been able to move fast enough to buy our home. Her expertise helped us navigate a complex market quickly to identify the right lender for us. From start to finish she made the whole process as pain-free as possible. She’s just awesome to work with and we are ever grateful to her for helping us secure our home.

  • Your professional and expert knowledge in your field has been a fantastic resource for new clients. The ladies have a great understanding and ability to convey this information to clients. I have put my trust in them and have always been reassured that they would help me through this process the whole way. A supportive and encouraging team and I would highly recommend to all people considering their service.

  • A very professional and courteous service with information constantly being updated. I would highly recommend this Nicole Cannon to anyone.

  • Nicole Cannon is the best broker I have ever worked with and I have used many other brokers over the years. She took the time to understand my needs and has a very proactive and pragmatic approach to sniffing out the best deal. Nicole also has an impressive network and her knowledge of the industry is second to none. Not only will I recommend her to all my friends, I shall be using her again and encourage others who read this to use her as well!

  • I have two small children and my wife and I are both working, so our time is extremely tight and finding time to do anything during normal business hours is almost impossible. Nicole was always not only completely accommodating of our schedule and able to meet us after hours at short notice, she always did so with a big smile and a friendly manner.

    As well as being friendly and easy to deal with, Nicole really knows her game. She was well schooled in the best deals in the market each time we met her and did whatever it took to get us the best home loan overall. I’ve been unimpressed by other mortgage brokers in the past, so had done my homework though other lenders and could never beat the deals that Nicole was not only bringing to me but doing all of the hard work in getting the applications completed. I would recommend Nicole to anyone. 10/10.

  • Very fluent service and understanding what I need! I was thoroughly impressed by Nicole’s attention to detail and a focus on exactly what I required.

  • Nicole was very professional and yet approachable. She organised my daughter and her partner’s first home loan. She did a great job, and graciously answered myriads of questions. Nicole made the process simple and took the stress out of loan hunting for them, allowing them to concentrate on finding a home. She then juggled the refinancing of multiple loans for us which enabled us to act as guarantor for our daughter. Nicole suggested amalgamating our loans with the same provider as my daughter and also guided us through the sale of an investment property. Unexpectedly, Nicole managed to save us a lot of money on our own mortgages as well.. an added bonus! We highly recommend Nicole, and have already passed on her name to friends and colleagues.

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